Health Care services refer to all kinds of medicinal, doctoring, nursing or daily care activities undertaken to help those who are facing health issues or are unable to look after themselves.

Choosing the correct kind of health care service can be confusing as this requires a basic knowledge of different types of health issues and their correct solution providers. The first player in this field is the general physician. If a general physician sees that a patient requires special treatment he will refer the particular patient to specialty care like immunology, gynecology etc.

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Types of Primary Care Activities

There are three basic categories of primary care; Family medicines, internal medicines and Pediatrics. Family Medicine practitioners are involved in the care of a specific family unit comprising of adults, teenagers and kids.

Family doctors are the best example of this category. Internal medicine practitioners generally focus on health care issues of adults; these practitioners are specially trained in preventive and curative care of adults. Pediatric specialists deal with treatment of health issues of children and childhood diseases. They are required to undergo special training to this effect.

Secondary Health Care

The Immunology department is an example of special secondary health care services for the treatment of immune system disorders like allergic reactions, rashes, running noses and watery eyes. Breathing disorders like Asthma are a good example of immune system disorders. Cosmetic, seasonal, food, environmental and animal allergies also fall under the category of immune system diseases.

The ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialists are doctors who perform surgical corrective and operative procedures on these areas of the human body. Tonsil operations, nasal blockage clearance and plastic surgery, all fall in the ENT category. Hearing difficulties due to infections and sinus problems are referred to an ENT specialist.

The Obstetrics division is designed for the special care of women. General female health care services as well as fully fledged care during pregnancy and childbirth are an integral part of Obstetrics. Gynecology is a health care service that deals with reproductive system issues. Endometriosis, Pap smears, mammograms, fertility treatments and pregnancy tests are some of the activities performed by a gynecologist.

Dermatology (treatment and care of skin), Cardiology (care of the heart) and Neurology (treatment and care of the Central nervous system including Brain) are other important aspects of secondary specialized care.

The delivery of primary and specialty health care activities are performed by medical professionals like doctors, nurses, paramedics, dentists, community health workers and public practitioners.