4 Things You Need To Know Before Going for Fiji Holidays

The longstanding reputation of Fiji as south pacific tropical paradise is not an overstatement. For years and years, Australian travelers have been visiting this tiny archipelago to kick back by the ocean and enjoy the azure waters.

Though there has been a wee bit of political unrest in recent years, this has done very little to deter or dissuade travelers eager to sip a little kava and soak up the warm island vacation.

Here are the four things you should know about Fiji holidays:

• Kava

Also known as grog or yaqona, kava is a non-narcotic, non-alcoholic drink that’s made from the root of the pepper plant that is then ground. Don’t be scared by the pepper plant, it is actually far from spicy though it’s going to slightly numb your lips and tongue for a few seconds though this effect is very subtle and short-lived.

After several cups, you may start feeling more relaxed and when you couple this with the tropical paradise you are in, you will be on cloud nine! Additionally, kava is richly endowed with vitamin B, a natural antidepressant and muscle relaxer. However, too much of kava will leave you groggy but, relax if this happens, it won’t last too long.

• Always have some money on you

You will be invited for kava when shopping in Nadi as most of the shops are run by villagers hailing from the mountains. During our last visit there, we were accorded a welcome ceremony and we spent a whole hour drinking kava on a mat and having lots of fun at a Nadi store. After such great hospitality, it is only fair that you buy something from the store.

• Taxi alert

If you are planning on using a taxi, be ready to heckle everyone who is going to be passing by to join you in the taxi service as the only way you are going to set off is if the taxi is full. Loose change will also come in handy.

• Flower Heaven

Fiji holidays are known for their white sandy beaches with coconut tree shading and most of all, beautiful flower gardens. If you are a lover of nature, then a tour of the Garden of the Sleeping Giants is an absolute must! This gorgeous and serene garden is located in the beautiful Sabeto Valley and here you will find the largest orchid collection you will ever see in the whole of Fiji!

These four tips will make your Fiji experience more fun as you will have an idea of what to expect. Enjoy your Fiji holidays with kids!