6 Steps in Starting a Catering Business

Starting a catering business is not a bad investment especially for those who really love to cook, organize parties and events, plan menus and socialize to people. This line of industry can be enjoyable and exciting especially when dealing with all sorts of celebrations, interacting with different people, and creating unique and delicious cuisines.Mostly, catering businesses are run by restaurants or independent caterers from a separate establishment. Services can also be either offered for large scale or small scale of events. And since, many people love to host for events every now and then, the demand for caterers are of too much needed.

If you plan to start this business soon, consider the following steps we recommend you to do:

1. Get your catering license and insurance on your locality. This step is the most important part of starting your business because if you don’t register and avail for a license and insurance, your catering business will not operate. You can check your local authorities or the FDA for rules and regulations about food operation and for you to familiarize yourself with all the requirements you need to procure as you establish your business.

2. Plan and set up your catering business name, what service scale you will offer and where you’ll establish your office and kitchen house with high quality kitchen appliances. You can ask legal authorities for guidance with these.

3. Create you catering menu. This part is very much exciting. You can now plan the set of food and beverages you would want to serve for your business. Caterers often create lists of menu for every kind of event; it may be for a weddings, birthday, anniversary etc. You can also set up what desserts, cakes, and special dishes will be served in a particular serving.

4. Set up your catering price list. As you create your menu, set up your pricing lists too. Consider all aspects like expenses in labor, materials, ingredients and possible profit expected to reach. Set up your method of payment and accounting too to secure your financial management.

5. Hire and get employees. If you needed more people to aid you in your business, you can start hiring for prospect employees now. It is better to start up with few caterers to manage expenses and income smoothly. If in the future you need to hire employees more, you can always do so.

6. Get a catering experience. One reason clients will hire you is when they found out that you have a great experience in the industry already. So, since you are new to the business, you should require yourself to get an experience. You may either volunteer to prepare and serve a friend’s party for start-up.

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