A Guide to Choosing Wooden Flooring Patterns

So you are done building your house? The next thing that you need to do is to select the flooring suitable for it. Choosing a wooden floor over the other type of flooring is a good idea. There is just something about a home with a wooden floor. Not only does it look more elegant, it just exudes an old world charm that nothing else can beat. Buying wooden flooring for your home can be a tricky affair though, so consult Floating Timber Flooring Sydney installers to help you with this task. There are so many options and price ranges making the task confusing, and then there are terms like ‘cut’ and ‘veneer’ which is the traditional lexicon of the business and knowing these is important if you wish to buy the best for your house.

Understanding important terms


Wood pieces have an alternate light and dark coloring. This is due to the differing growth occurring during the summer and winter seasons. The way the wood piece is cut is often defined with respect to the grain like ‘against the grain’, ‘along the grain’ and so on


Wood used for flooring is mostly cut using a plain saw, but sometimes a rift-saw or a quarter-saw can be used. The latter methods result in denser grain patterns.


There is no universal parameter by which the grade of a wood piece is decided, but certain factors are taken into consideration. The presence of knots or holes, the consistency of the grain, saw marks and wormholes which can deteriorate the look of the wood. All these factors together determine the wood grade for the wooden floor.