A Guide to Galvanized Pipes

When it comes to internal pipelines and pipework, most home owners do not understand the difference between the various kinds of pipes. Galvanized pipes are a commonly used type that was prominent years ago.

While they were mainly used to transport hygienic drinking water or water for personal use, the lead content in the pipes made most people stop using it for those purposes. Galvanized pipes are now frequently used for effective drainage and related services. Let the plumbers Brisbane do the maintenance of your house’ plumbing system.


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Basic Features of Galvanized Pipes

Most Plumbers Gold Coast used galvanized pipes in the past because it was made of metal and zinc. This combination made it more durable. Furthermore, when it comes to a choice of pipes, durability is a feature worth focusing on because constant exposure to water may anyway cause rapid deterioration of pipes.

Pipes made of steel and iron can be damaged faster. The zinc coating in galvanized pipes is what prevents quick corrosion. As a result, these pipes can be used for more than 40 to 50 years. This is why most old homes have galvanized pipe systems in place.

Benefits of using Galvanized pipes

The main benefit of installing galvanized pipes is of course its durability. It is worth mentioning here though that the type of water and minerals in it may affect the lifespan of the pipes.

If you have hard water with several strong chemicals or minerals in it, in your area, it may lead to faster corrosion. Galvanized pipes, while durable are not very expensive.

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