A Guide to Renting Catering Equipment

Renting catering equipment for covering special events is something that many people do nowadays. There may be a time bound demand of quantities of chafers, dishes, coffee urns and ice molds and it’s not always possible to buy these expensive items. Thankfully the majority of caterers along with Silverchef catering rental and hire also provide catering equipment rental services as a part of their contract. Learn how to rent the correct amount and type of equipment.

Prepare an accurate count

What is the number of guests you are expecting for your event? The answer to this will tell you how much equipment you need to rent for your event. It’s very important to make a reasonably accurate guess about the number of service items you will need. Service items comprise of dishes, saucers, cups and glasses.

There is nothing more embarrassing than having to keep the guests waiting because there is no flatware to serve them. See Line Markings

Check out your menu

Your menu actually holds the key to the number of flatware, glassware and serving equipment you will need. Go over the details of your menu with your silver chef rental service and you will have a better estimate. Different items like soups, salads, hot and cold entrees, the bread platter and the desert section will all need different kinds of plates and bowls.

Additionally you need to figure out how many tables to set for your guest list. Table ware, chair ribbons and linen will also have to be ordered in from your kitchen equipment rental service.

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