A Guide to Shipping from USA to Australia

When you are shipping your belongings from USA to Australia you need to do a little background work to know what kind of stuff you can’t shift there. Australia being an exotic continent with certain rare strains of flora and fauna, there are strict reservations on shipping certain kind of stuff across the borders. You will need to hire a professional logistics company which deals in shipping goods to Australia.

What furniture to shift to Australia?

You might be living in a large house filled with lots of furniture in USA. Now when you are shifting to Australia you have to practically consider what and how much furniture to ship. For one thing you have to consider the size of your living accommodation in Australia.

It’s advisable to shift furniture that will fit into your new home otherwise you will end up with a lot of unwanted furniture on your hand that you don’t know what to do with.

Its best to sell off or donate extra furniture like your bed or stuff that will probably be damaged during the shipping process. You can always get new stuff for your brand new home in Australia.

Do your homework

As you will be shipping a lot of your belongings, it’s best to gather multiple quotes from Companies that are involved in shipping. Check the list of documents you have to supply and the amount of obligatory paperwork you will have to go through.

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