A Guide to Stopping Using the Heel Brakes on Your Roller Blades

If you enjoy inline skating, you must be stopping it using heel brakes. Though it is considered to be easy to stop, it needs enough practice and might be at times difficult for new skaters. It involves proper positioning of your body parts.  When you are in the ready position, your feet should be parallel and about one hand’s breadth apart with the wheels slightly leaning outwards.

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Using heel brakes for expert roller blading

If you are an expert in this field and are also an advanced skater, then you do not need heel brakes and can stop the roller blading with other techniques. However, if you have just started skating as a career, you should continue to stop the skates with heel brakes. It is ensure safety and is quite powerful.

You can even use the heel brakes as crutch. Initially it can act as a crutch and requires a lot of practice but once you are comfortable with it, it will become easy to use. It can also help you to advance to different kinds of brakes like T-stop among other techniques.

While you are trying to stop the roller blading, you should ease the right skate forward so that it tips up slightly making the heel brakes touch the ground gently. It will then result in the brake to slide leading to slight friction. This will also not jerk the body as the brake is gentle rather than powerful stop.

So when you are enjoy roller blading and do with flair, stopping it will heel brakes can be an easy task and can come easily without putting in more effort.