A La Carte Menu

The concept of buffet can help demystify the concept of a la carte menu. A buffet is an all you can eat extravaganza, usually offered in restaurants at lunch times. Buffets have a strict pricing policy per head. But for this fixed price, you can eat as much or as little as you wish.

This means if a buffet is priced at $12.99 per head and it is serving 20 to 25 different kinds of dishes, you can taste all the 20 to 25 items or only 5 items, but you have to pay the designated rate of $12.99 per head. Sharing the food with your partners will not reduce the total bill. If there are six guests in your party, you shall have to pay $12.99 X 6 plus taxes.

However, if you are ravenously hungry or you live to eat and tasting different kinds of food is the sole preoccupation of your life (or if you are with a gang of men who are ready to wolf down everything including the plates), buffet is the way to go. You can sample different kinds of starters, main courses, side dishes, desserts and drinks and there is no restriction on the amount you can possibly eat and waste.

If you are a chocolate lover, drinking chocolates with unlimited serve will benefit you.


Another great idea while planning your wedding menu is customizing the menu. In order to customize it you can perhaps explore the idea of naming dishes after yourself, your spouse to be or incidents in your life.

A commercial juicer is necessary if you own a juice bar or a restaurant. This will keep you up with a lot of orders from your customers.