A Nose Job

As human beings, we make mistakes. Some little, like putting salt instead of sugar into the milk, and some are big, like accidentally getting injured or getting one of your body parts broken. Every day, we encounter accidents, which may or may not lead to us injuring ourselves, since it is one of our obligations to protect and care for our body. Like mentioned in the beginning, we make mistakes. And it is more likely that we will get our body damaged or just dirtied. Lucky for us, our body has not only evolved our brain for intelligence, but it has also evolved our parts to be more durable according to what we normally do every day. Since we have evolved into a technological and automatic age, our bodies have increased the improvement of our brain faster than our physical body. But most of our body is far from fragile.

rhinoplasty-surgeryOur entire body has inner parts focused on how we move and resist damage called the muscular and skeletal system. But the skeletal system is the shield of the body when the primary defense, the skin, falls. The skeletal system is composed of bones and cartilage. The bones are what make most of our body durable to physical damage like something hitting you or falling down. The cartilage is what helps the muscular system move the body, despite the extremely solid bones which are several times harder than some types of steel. The distributions of the skeletal system vary in the different parts of the body. Like for example the chest; it has a bundle of caged bones called the rib cage which protects some vital organs like the heart, like and stomach. But the upper part of our body, like the head, only has one bone or bones depending on how you look at it protecting something, the skull. Everything else is either made of somatic cells, nerves or cartilage. The parts of our head that are made of cartilage are our ears and nose. But since when we look at someone directly, the more likely thing that you will see is the nose. This is why we must take good care of our nose and other parts of the head, since not only is it fragile, but it is also a very important sensory organ, handling the smelling sense of our five senses. But what happens if you don’t take good care of your nose is either: the nose is extremely fragile, more breakable than its earlier state, or it might get accidentally hit and get permanently damaged. Like for repairing other parts of the body, there is a process which is pretty much surgery, called rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty involves either repairing a puncture, a damaged part, or reconstructing the form of the nose. This process is used either for repairing the nose, or even just changing the form of the nose to make it more appealing to the eyes. The rhinoplasty surgery in Brisbane is pretty good for almost everyone, especially for people who want their nose to fit their face more.