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The health care industry is, now, one of the largest industries in the service sector. With the newest technologies flooding the market and more people requiring assistance, job opportunities have increased manifold. However, that has created its own set of problems.

Separating the serious worker from the opportunist becomes a challenge. If you are thinking of health care recruitment , it helps to know about the aspects to keep in mind.

Plan ahead

Although there may be many takers for a health care job, don’t expect to get the best man the moment you ask for him. Finding the most competent employee may take time; so plan in advance.

Referral programme

Word of mouth is a very good way to get a good employee. Ask your existing staff for references. Add a referral reward programme as an incentive.

Check credentials

When you have a new application, check out on the claims that have been made in the resume. The following points may help you:

  • References
  • Job history
  • Length of past jobs
  • Reasons for changing jobs on previous occasions
  • Performance review

Interview questions

You need to do your homework before an interview. Ask questions that will not only give an insight into the candidate’s skill and knowledge but also an idea about his humanitarian qualities.

After all, health care service is not just any industry where tasks are performed, but one where services are provided.

Don’t compromise on quality

Recruiting the right candidate is a crucial decision. So, never compromise on quality of your staff, even if they come cheaper. A competent staff will save you time, energy and money even if you have to pay a little more.

Best offers get you best staff

If you are looking for the best staff, give them the best package. This can be done in an innovative manner and may not always involve paying more money.

You can provide gift coupons, incentives for working overtime, proper retirement benefits, achievable bonus schedules, advancement opportunities and flexible schedules.

A word of caution

Hiring on the very day of the interview is not always a very good idea. You can ask the aspirant to call back after considering the job responsibilities and benefits. This will help to separate the serious job seekers from the frivolous ones and save you a lot of harassment.

You can also get an idea of the sincerity and dedication of the candidate as these are key factors to consider in the healthy industry.