Advantages of Mobile Friendly Web Design

Majority of people owns a mobile phone. Forms of communication are easier through this very important gadget. Mobile phone are also called smart phones because there are so many things that you can do with your mobile phones including online shopping. This is the reason why owning an online business also means that you have to go with the flow and have a mobile friendly web design.

Online shopping is found convenient by more people. There are more choices and the need to travel is prevented. Add to that, the shipping cost these days is no longer as expensive as it used to be. Listed below are the reasons why you can benefit a lot if you have a mobile friendly web design:

Better experience in browsing

The mobile web design is made for mobile browsing only. Who wants to go online and browse a desktop website on their mobile phones? No one, this is because of slow downloading times. But if your website will be optimized for mobile browsing and shopping, your customers will have a better experience by having a mobile friendly web design.

Fast speed of download

Online users prefer fast websites. They do not like being made to wait. Now if you want to be on top and have a competitive edge, you must go with the flow and you must realize that online shopping is also done through the use of mobile phones. This is the reason why you need to have a mobile friendly web design for fast downloading speed. Mobile websites are designed for optimal mobile browsing experience.  Try the service of mobile friendly website Auckland.

Context and engagement

A mobile friendly web design will allow your online visitors to access mobile specific characteristics such as mapping functions. In addition, through the mapping feature, the online visitors will be directed to your website when they are in proximity.


Mobile phones are accessed by the users more than their desktops or tablets. Thus, you need a mobile friendly web design so the online customers can access your website wherever they are. You are always connected to your online customers 24/7.

QR codes

The latest marketing strategy these days is the use of QR codes. These codes are visible on prints and when these codes are scanned with a mobile phone, it automatically leads to a specific website. This implies that your brochures or posters can have QR codes which will take online users to a mobile friendly web design.