Are Industrial Deafness Claims A New Trend?

Industrial deafness claims seem to have become a trend in some parts of the world, especially since most lawyers have been asked to deal with these processes. More and more people claim to suffer from deafness due to the noisy environment they have been working in.

Why are so many industrial deafness claims rising to surface just now?

An insurance body said that most of these claims have been rising to the surface due to opportunist lawyers who see this deal only as an another paycheck. The percentage of people claiming they suffer from hearing issues due to the noisy environment they had to put up with, went up a lot in the past three years. The new whiplash is what organizations are calling this sudden rise in claims. The whiplash claims amongst motorists who suffered an accident are the cause of the name. Insurers say that denying a right to these motorists is hard, and sometimes they can determine huge payouts.

But official organizations say that from 200.000 claims only a fifth of them have been approved for receiving compensation, due to the lack or the poor evidence lawyers brought it. Although not all of these 200,000 went through, specialists consider that lawyer should definitely be bound by stricter rules and ethics ones as well.

Some lawyers have a rule that says “No win, no fee,” meaning that there is no financial risk for you. You go in, you make your case, and then you go out. If the people handling your situation approve your case, you will pay the lawyer a sum of money which is considered the fee for his job. If your case is not accepted, you will not have to pay a dime out of your pocket.

How are industrial deafness claims accepted?

The claimant has to provide evidence for the following things:

Deafness – the claimant must go to an expert who will verify his condition and check out if he is indeed deaf or not. If the doctor says he is indeed suffering from industrial deafness, he will hand the patient a medical paper with the diagnosis, but also the level of deafness.

Cause – there are many causes why a person could go deaf. If you want your claim to be accepted, you must also provide evidence that shows you were exposed to high noise over a prolonged period.

Employer’s negligence – you should also provide evidence that your boss should have seen this one coming, yet he remained ignorant in the face of adversity. Show evidence that he could have prevented this from happening by giving you some ear buds, some headphones or some way to prevent all that noise coming in.

By providing these three pieces of evidence all people’s industrial deafness claims have better chances at being accepted. One small advice though the information and the evidence you provide should be of top quality. Otherwise, you might end up in the “Not accepted” pile before you even know it.