What Questions Should you be Asking Possible Removalists Before you hire them?

Before you decide to hire removalists there are several important questions you should ask. There is a lot of risk involved when you’re moving all of your belongings into a new home or office. Don’t mess around, do your due diligence.

Ask the removalists if they provide a free written estimate. Most removalists should be absolutely happy to provide you with a free quote. If you stumble upon someone who isn’t willing to it should set off major warning bells for you.

Just because a company will provide you an estimate doesn’t necessarily mean things are all peachy though, so you’ll have to do more digging. Make sure that any estimate you get is in writing, it doesn’t matter if it’s faxed, emailed or written down directly on paper never accept a gentleman’s agreement. Protect yourself by getting everything in writing always.

Make sure to have the removalists clarify if the agreement is binding or nonbinding. If an estimate is binding that means that you’ve accepted the price and it cannot change, but if the agreement is nonbinding and the removalists find some reason to tack on more charges you will have to pay extra. Nonbinding agreements aren’t shady in any way shape or form, in fact it protects the company from shady clients who hide costs from them.

Make sure to ask them if you can see their office and any other facilities they own. Many removal companies will also have and sell storage space. Even if they don’t own storage space they should still be willing to let you see their property. If they don’t want you to see their property they might have something to hide from you and you should take this seriously into consideration.

Ask the company how long they’ve been in business. This really depends on how conservative you want to be, if you don’t care that the company is new as long as they have some good online reviews then that’s fine. If you’re more careful you might not want to take a chance on a company that isn’t at least a decade old with a long track record. The choice is yours, but be informed regardless.

Finally you should make sure to find out how they charge. Do they charge a flat rate based on the weight and distance you will be travelling? Or do they charge hourly for their work? This is a very important distinction to consider because if you’re efficient in your travels hourly can be cheaper, but if things don’t go smoothly and you run into extra traffic and the like hourly can end up costing you a great deal more than you intended to pay.

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