Auto Insurance in Australia

Across Australia, it is legally compulsory for auto owners to have the right kind of insurance. In fact, many states make insurance a compulsory part of the registration process. If you are driving a vehicle without insurance, you may have to pay heavy fines to the authorities. Also, you cannot file for compensation if you meet with a motor accident while driving a vehicle without insurance. Some states require you to have Compulsory Third Party insurance while other states have similar requirements under a different name.

However, CPT provides coverage only against personal injury. You will have to opt for separate insurance for damages caused to your vehicle or other property during any mishap. And then there are insurance to cover damages to other vehicles or protecting your own vehicle against theft, fire or other types of damages.

If all this sounds extremely complicated, do not worry! Contact your car brokers today for best impartial advice on the type of auto insurance that will cover all expenditure in case of an unfortunate incident

How can your Broker help you?

Car Loan Service have extensive knowledge regarding everything related to auto purchase and insurance. They deal with similar situations regularly and have insider knowledge on the auto insurance sector. There are several insurance companies in Australia who offer different types of auto insurance with different premium rates and terms and conditions. As a layman, it is so easy for you to just opt whatever is offered without understanding each insurance policy’s pros and cons. Rely instead on car brokers to do all that research for you. They will compare policies; check the reputation and license of insurance companies; negotiate the terms and help you get a favourable insurance policy for you that will cover the major areas without being too expensive.

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