Balancing Your Weight using Wake Boarding

Once you get used to the rope and aligning your feet on the wake board, the next step is balancing your weight and speed. You need to balance your weight so that you can attain the required speed. You will learn to balance the wake boards by putting your weight on your feet. If you want to slow down, take a step back on the wake board and put all your weight on the back foot.

You will notice that you were able to slow down for a turning. Alternatively, if you want to speed up, then plant both your feet on the top of the wake board and put your weight on it. You will immediately realize that you are on full throttle. Once you are able to balance the speed using your weight, you can practice regularly.

Handle the grip

While you need your body weight for balance, you need a firm grip on the tow handle to turn the Liquidforce wakeboards. You should keeps your palms on the tow handle and lock it with your knuckles that will close on the tow handle.

Grip the tow handle firmly as your hands connect you to the boat to move forward. If you let lose, you will immediately fall. Keep the tow handle close to your hip. You will be able to turn easily and manoeuvre the tow handle when required.

If you are having a hard time balancing, you might need to lose some weight. Use Protein Supplements

Board Sport

Much like its snow counterpart, wakeboarding is a thrilling water sport. The wake boards are somewhat similar in shape like the snowboards coming with bindings into which you have to insert your feet. Sizes of the boards in the two sports may vary but the basic shapes of the boards are same.

You can also try roller skating.