Basic Equipment and Accessories every Home Gym Must Have

When you are doing fitness training at home then you need to set up a home gym. The size and the function of home gyms depend on the needs of the end user. However there are certain kinds of equipment. However there are certain kinds of equipments you need to know about before you begin to structure your own routine.

Purchase awesome bodyweight equipment

Nothing burns fat as fast as lifting weights. If you are on a weight loss or body building program then you will need to purchase some major weight lifting equipment. Start with a set of graded dumbbells and a couple of eight bars which you can in the privacy of your home gym. Purchase a good quality exercise mat as these kinds of weight lifting exercises should never be done on  cold hard floor. Weight lifting equipment strengthens the core muscles and the upper limbs of your body. Remember to consult a professional personal trainer about the correct exercise processes.

Buy some kettle bells

Ideally overdependence on heavy duty equipment is not recommended as you will gain weight very fast as soon as you stop using those artificial aids. Ideally you should use light weight kettlebells for working out all muscles in your body. Only a couple of well structured moves with kettle bells will perk up your muscles. Kettle bells are the kind of equipment that you can put into your backpack and carry anywhere. So you needn’t miss out on your workouts even when you are travelling.

One of the best cardio exercise equipment is the treadmill.

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