Basic Roller Skating Skills Guidelines

Some call it an art, some call it a sport. But whatever it is, roller skating is fun beyond means! It is also a great way to keep fit, nonetheless. It sure looks simple, but it takes a lot of practice to roll without any hassles. It is simple, but not easy. Though once you learn, there is no stopping you. Here are some of the guidelines:

Learning to Stop

Leaning to fall is not the only thing. You have to learn to stop, too.

a)    Plow Stop

As you roll, widen your legs, pointing your toes in and putting pressure on the outside of your roller skates, and make a triangle. You will come to a stop without any difficulties. As you get better at this, learn to regulate your speed by widening your legs or getting them closer together.

b)    T-Stop

As the name suggests, form a ‘T’ shape by picking up your leg and placing it behind the other in a 90 degree angle. Then, drag the wheels slowly to bring them to a stop. This method could be tricky. Take it slow.

Start Rolling

You may have had a good practice, but still do not ride in the traffic, in the dark and on a wet pavement. Also avoid going downhill as stopping your wheels can be very hard.

Roller Skating is not only fun, but also highly economical. It is a fun exercise you don’t want to miss. After all, running on wheels is a fascinating thing to experience!

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