Bathroom Sinks

Pedestal is a type of sinks are mounted over a base. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are normally preferred because of their ability to deftly hide the plumbing. Also they occupy lesser amount of space as compared to the vanity ones.

Wall mounted

These are the bathroom sinks that are suspended from the wall. They don’t touch the floors and make the available space look larger. Since they are mounted on the wall, they can be easily cleaned at the bottom.

Corner sinks

These sinks are fitted at one corner of the room. Sitting nicely at right angles, they take up very less space inside the room. They are mostly preferred when free space is a luxury and not abundantly available. They can either be wall mounted or pedestal.

Above, under counter, overhang or semi-recessed

The Bathroom Sinks can also be categorized on the basis of their position with respect to the Bathroom vanities.

The above counter sinks are understandable. They also provide a good central point for the room.

The under counter sinks are located below the bathroom vanity. This way they provide a clear and minimalistic view.

The overhang vanity sinks have a portion of their part inside the vanity while some of the portion hangs ahead of the vanity. This type of setting provides a greater storage space in the cabinet.

Semi-recessed sinks remain partly under the vanity and partly above it.

Mounted sinks are preferred because of their ability to free up a lot of counter space. Secondly the absence of rim to catch the debris will facilitate its cleaning.

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