Benefits of Opting for a Microwave Leakage Testing Service at The Workplace

A microwave is a very handy equipment to have at the workplace canteen. Understandably, you have installed one in order to make it easier for your employees to have piping hot, delicious meals whenever they want to. But did you know that the same equipment that you have installed for the convenience of your workers can actually do more harm to their health in the long run? Yes, microwaves can and do leak and that radiation can have serious consequences both on you and your employees’ health. That is why, it is absolutely essential for you to hire test and tag specialists and get your microwaves checked periodically.

Opt for Regular Microwave Leaking Test

The best way to protect yourself and your employees from the dangers of microwave radiation is to rectify the root cause i.e. getting your microwave checked for leakage and taking the necessary steps as recommended by the test and tag service provider. While getting your microwave checked for leakage is not compulsory by law in all states across Australia, it is in your benefit to do so at regular intervals. A professional service provider uses specially designed testing equipments that are calibrated perfectly to standards indicated under AS/NZS3350 (the Australian manufacturing standard). The basic purpose of the standard is to enforce a tolerance level and limit exposure to dangerous levels of microwave radiation.

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