Benefits of Pet Vaccine

Vaccinations have been a great blessing for pet owners as they have enabled them to take care of their pets.  A pet vaccine has been the number one defense against diseases that affect the health of pets and leave them vulnerable. Though, you should be careful that you don’t overdo the vaccinations and only give your pets the best protection for their health and welfare.  You need to consult a vet clinic for an advise.


The disease may be rare, but it is very painful and dangerous for a dog. It attacks the central nervous system and causes seizures, spasms and paralysis. The dogs will require intense treatment and there is still a high chance of death. The distemper vaccine is relatively effective when given to a puppy over 12 weeks, and the protection lasts for the dog’s life spam.


A disease that is damaging to puppies but adult dogs will very likely survive. Symptoms in adult dogs are relatively tame; they experience mild diarrhea and enteritis, but young puppies are at risk for heart failure and chronic cardiac problems. The parvo vaccine will effectively protect puppies in the ages between 12 to 16 weeks.

In the meantime, if your dog has a  chewing habit, consider  giving him a proper food.

Generally, dog owners do not focus on food habits which should be actually considered a matter of top priority. In order to make sure that your dog chews the right things and chews them well, give your dog healthy and proper food which will further help in digestion and saliva development.