Best Paired For Your Photo Booth

Planning to organize an event? If you are, then better start with photo booth hire. Sure, this is an add on to your event that you should never miss out. But, Sydney photo booths not all that, there are good add on’s that you can best pair up with photo booth.

If you are looking for something to pair up with your booth, you can always count on the following, to ensure that you are giving your guests the fun they are looking for.

Catering services

No one would stay long on photo booth, once their picture has been taken, then the next in line will go right after them. They may not stay long on photo booth, but sure, they will spend all their time on the food or buffet area.

Giving your guest great food is definitely a good way to seal the event with a good remark. After your guests had so much fun having their pictures taken on the booth, going to the buffet table after, is just a non stop excitement for them.

Slushy machines

They surely are so tired on the booth, laughing and striking their poses, thus after that, giving them something cold to drink can surely seal their tiredness away. A good refreshment is something that your guests are surely looking forward to have.

Giving them great and refreshing drinks after their photos were taken on the booth is surely something that guests are wishing to have.

For other, they may get the spirit of giving their best shot in the booth, with the help of a little alcohol. Slushy machines that have shots of alcohol is a good idea as well, just make sure though that everything is under control. Just enough of alcohol and not too much serving to keep the party clean and fun.


Prepare different games, after or before you open the photo booth, letting them play games would be nice. Feeling like a child while playing different party games and to extend that while taking their pictures on the booth is definitely a good idea.

Programs or performances

Of course, while others are waiting on queue or they are done on the photo booth, you do not want them to get bored. Performances, may it be singing or dancing, while waiting for everyone to get their turn on the photo booth is definitely a good idea to consider.