Best tips of Concrete Core Drilling

Concrete core drilling is the practice or procedure through which core is mined at the identified places like concrete slabs to practice strength test. You should need to hire a very professional team of concrete core drilling for the purpose of concrete core drilling and concrete cutting tasks. In case you have available sawing company or organization so you should hire their team for drilling.

However, you want to try drilling so yes you can do it but you need to follow tips mentioned below. These set of tips will surely help you to be the proper selections and sure success in your concrete core drilling task. Drilling is not at all hard yet it is tricky to use right procedure and proper driller to ensure success.

• First and foremost you need to select right drill machine

For concrete core drilling, you will find many drill machines, you need to select the right one and rent or purchase drill machine as you feel your affordability. The drilling machine of core handheld permits you to make a hole that is around a diameter of 3 inches. But basically, you have to drill a hole with the diameter of around or more than 3.7 inches to get impeccable mechanism testing of concrete. Therefore you will need to use a drill stand units or rig-mounted if you purchase this unit you can easily able to perform multifunctional work.

In this way, you can get enough advantage of your spent money. Also, you can use these units and machines for electric/plumbing hole as well as dowel hole drilling.



• You should get proper accessory to stand on

It is mostly based on where you need to make the hole, particular and the ordinary stand is necessary for this. Like you need to stand on a slab so you can use vacuum stand with the simple flat surface, vacuum stand has suction power attached to keep on the floor. For concrete core drilling, you need to fix and secure stand, for securing you can use safety chains to prevent from any type of accident.

• Think through the depth of drilling and think of power options

You need to select one two and other available power options for connecting air powered sources, electric, and hydraulic power. Now come to depth drilling, common drilling procedure can accomplish effectively with a simple 1-foot bit long. For deeper drilling, you need to use barrels bits. These barrel bits are permitting deeper drilling other than the size of prevailing cutting bits.

• Decide on diamond bits

You need to select cumulative hardness and psi of surface to be used perfectly for drilling then chooses the perfect core diamond bit.