Buying Digital TV Antenna

It is vital that you seek the advice of reputable Antenna Installers before buying an antenna for your TV. The professionals will ensure a smooth switchover from analogue to digital reception.

Types of Antennas

Rabbit Ears – These are a variation of the dipole. They are small, portable and more expensive than the folded ones. You can place them at a point where a strong signal is obtainable.

Other Dipoles – Turnstiles, batwings and dish clips are among the several other types of dipoles available in the market. Professional digital installations can help you choose a dipole suitable for your needs.

Log Periodic Dipole Array Antennas – This consists of a series of dipoles. The design of the antenna can accommodate a large bandwidth and can take in VHF and UHF signals equally well. The system is cumbersome and expensive but its reliability makes it a favourite among users.

Reflector Antenna –There are several types of reflector antennas depending upon the shape of the reflector, which receives the signal. You may choose from parabolic, spherical, conical and other shapes. The most prevalent form is the parabolic reflector or the dish antenna.

The reflector antenna is particularly suitable in places far from the transmitters. It can receive signals efficiently even if there are barriers in their path.

Yagi –The Yagi enhances the performance of the dipole by making use of conducting elements of different lengths on the two sides of the antenna. Another variation called the Yagi corner augments the bandwidth of the Yagi by installing a UHF antenna opposite to a VHF type. This form of antenna is suitable for receiving digital signals.

After choosing which antenna is best for your television, it is now time to consult Home Cinema install Brisbane for home theater inquiries.

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