Buying Loose Diamonds

Buying loose diamonds from reliable diamond wholesalers is your only option if you desire the exclusivity of bespoke jewellery. Preset jewellery really limits your options no matter how many shops you visit. And finding the right design at the right price can be a tiring and frustrating experience too. Why not skip all that trouble and just buy some loose diamonds from Designer Jewellery Store and get them set according to your own design and setting? This gives you a lot more freedom and flexibility which is important as diamond jewellery is something you don’t buy every day. And if you are confused about the design and setting, wholesale diamonds suppliers will be more than happy to offer you suggestions and options.

Buying Loose is Budget Friendly

Buying loose diamonds and getting them set is a good way of saving some money on your precious purchase. When you buy preset jewellery from a retailer, you pay more for the final product which also includes profit margins of manufacturers; wholesalers and retailers. But when you buy from diamond wholesalers, you pay at wholesale rates which are definitely cheaper. Industry insiders estimate that you can save up to fifteen percent on a piece of jewellery if you buy the stones loose and get them set. This also means you can afford to buy a higher quality stone without crossing your budget. In case of diamond jewellery, the stone is the centrepiece so saving money by purchasing loose and spending that extra cash on better stones definitely makes smarter sense.