Caring for Your Ski Tubes

Every time you use you Ski tubes, it is imperative that you clean them. Use a high powered hose to get rid of dirt and grime. Sea water contains large amounts of salt in it. It is important not to allow the salt or sediment to rest on the tube once you get it out of the water.

Cleaning your tube won’t necessarily take time if you have the right equipment. A simple hose and mild detergent or shampoo would work best and take about ten to fifteen minutes of your time. Once you clean it, you can dry it and then proceed to storing it.

Avoid sun exposure

It is important to protect your tube from direct sun exposure. Too much sun can cause the material to tear or the color to fade. Furthermore, when you dry it, avoid drying it in the sun. Use a towel or dry cloth to pat dry it indoors itself.

Too much sun exposure may also cause the tubes to shrink or lose its original shape.

Inflate it properly

Over-inflated tubes will get damaged faster and won’t ensure a safe ride on the water. Under-inflated tubes face the threat of tearing or suffering punctures. It is safer to read the instructions before inflating it using tube pumps or to have a professional inflate it for you.

Finally, choose a good storage place. Typically cabinets or cupboards not exposed to direct sun or warm air would be ideal. In short, a dry and cool area works best.

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