Choosing a Black Dress for Your Body Type

A black dress is a staple of every wardrobe. Every woman desires to be the best dressed for all occasions. However, when it comes to choosing the right dress according to body type, it becomes a herculean task. Most women end up spending a fortune, goofing up things as they become the so called show-stopper, but for all horrendous reasons. It’s important to choose the right black dress that suits your figure. Accentuating the wrong places instead of highlighting your best features might be a big turn off.

Pear Shaped body

If your body is pear shaped like Eva Mendes, try to draw the attention of onlookers by sporting a black dress which would focus the attention upwards. Your aim should be to emphasize your waist, arms and shapely bust and camouflage wider hips. A-line dresses, wraps, halter necks, strapless are the most flattering. Pear shaped women should avoid short, tight skirts.

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Inverted Triangle Shaped Body

A body shape similar to Naomi Campbell illustrates a wedge shape with broad chest, wide shoulders, narrow waist and hips. Your fashion goals should be to accentuate your lower body. You can create an illusion of a broad upper body by choosing a black dress with ruffles.

Spaghetti straps and boat necklines are a big no. Tulip dresses, full length maxis and short skirts are a must have. These dresses help shift the focus to the legs – the biggest assets of wedge shaped women. Try also an evening dress.

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Fashion Boutique

There’s a rather popular misconception that women with pear-shaped bodies should not and cannot wear pants and jeans. It’s simply and completely a wrong notion which is rampant these days. The truth is that you can certainly wear jeans and pants, but of a certain style.

Select pants and jeans which fall straight after the widest part of your hips. While on the topic, do not try to fit yourself in a pair of skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are a no-no because they will reveal your body shape entirely and besides, also make your legs look awkward.

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