Choosing the Right Kneeboard Guide

Aqua hooks are interesting and useful supplements of knee boards. They are basically meant for beginners who find deep starting quite difficult since it demands the knee boarder to control too many elements at once. The aqua hook allows the user to use all the strength of the boat pull without putting much effort. The handle often sits effortlessly on the hook and the kneeboard rider can simply focus on maintaining his balance.

Pads are another useful appendage when it comes to kneeboards. Sophisticated versions of pads with medium density EVA/ foam pads are custom built to enhance user comfort and adjust itself to different body shapes.

Choose the perfect shape

Kneeboard shape is important when it comes to utilizing the overall experience. Choose the shape which makes you feel comfortable.

Directional kneeboards are meant for beginners who find it difficult to control body balance and direction at the same time. These kneeboards are tailored with RTO or RIM foam constructs which gives them the ability to mould direction and help the user.

Twin kneeboards are meant for people who have gained some control over the sport. Twin tip designed kneeboards are meant for mid and advanced level sport lovers. The knee board rider will have a lot of freedom in deciding the angle and direction of the board which makes it possible to perform tricks. Compression twin direction kneeboards allow the user to develop an individual style because of the many varieties of shape.

Skate boarding is a very challenging outdoor sports. It can be an alternative exercise if you can’t go out on the beach for kneeboarding.