Cleaning Solid Timber Flooring

Solid timber flooring is expensive so it is just a must that we take care of it as much as we can. We can’t even let a single scratch ruin the look of our hard wood flooring because it can already make a big difference. Cleaning solid timber flooring is not an easy task but it can be when you know how to clean it smartly and easily without compromising the quality of work being done. There are also a lot of smart tips that you should know for you to prevent scratching your floor because of your furniture and other things that touch the hardwood flooring.

1. Do the basic care.

The very first thing that must be done in cleaning something is dusting it off. Dusts can become very messy when get in contact with water. The surface of the floor will surely become muddy causing you more things to clean. Start by sweeping the floor then mopping it afterwards to make sure that all dusts and other dirt on the floor and completely remove for you to apply the cleaning solution that you are going to use. Do not use a vacuum cleaner on your floor because the edges of the cleaner may just cause scratches on the floor. You can use old clothes instead for you to easily dust off the floor and completely remove all the dirt.

2. The deeper cleaning.

Dusting off is not enough to make it a clean floor and look good. There is a thorough cleaning to be done if you want to achieve an amazing look of your floor so after dusting off your floor and removing all the dirt on it, use a wood cleaning solution on your floor. You can use a sponge or a rag mop to apply the solution on the floor evenly. Make sure that you read the instructions on the cleaning solution so you will know how to use it. If it requires using water afterwards, you can use the sponge to apply water on the floor. Make sure that you apply it evenly and no excess water should be left on the floor afterwards since this may cause damage to the hardwood flooring causing it to brittle and dry up. If you are planning to remove these, check the service of timber floor removal service.

3. Remove the marks.

We can’t avoid having stains and marks on our floors since this is what we step on all day. The best thing that we can do is remove all the marks that we have caused without damaging the floor. There are two types of marks that you should know, the one which is on the surface of the floor and the other which has penetrated on the floor deep down. You should know how to remove the marks whichever type it is without causing more damage on the floor. For example, there are dark spots and pet stains, the tools that you should be using are no. 000 steel wool and a floor wax. This will surely remove those marks without damaging the floor.

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