Common Fridge Problems you need to Deal with

The fridge is the most-used appliance in your home. While you may switch on and off other appliances, the fridge is always on. So it’s obvious that it could develop problems over time, if you do not do the maintenance tasks on time.

An Igloo Inside your Freezer

Do you notice a build-up of icy layers inside your commercial refrigerator? Oh well, it is enough to worry you silly. Well, the quick-fix solution of this problem is that perhaps the fault lies with the fridge’s gasket door.

There could be a leak in the gasket door. A gasket door basically allows the cold air inside the fridge to seep out. This ensures there is extra chill in the fridge and this is the reason it runs overtime as well. To solve this problem, place a flashlight in the door, and switch off the light of the fridge and the kitchen. If you notice any untoward occurrence, you may have to replace the gasket door.

A Puddle Inside

If the icemaker’s line has developed a leak, chances are you’re going to see a puddle forming inside your commercial fridge. And if you do not attend to this problem immediately, the puddle is going to spread and that is definitely going to frustrate you. How do you fix the mess? You need to use the shutoff valve which is inside the fridge. This will completely stop the icemaking process.

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