Common Reasons Why AC is Making Noise

Does your AC make some weird noise? An AC unit can make different sounds some of which will require urgent attention. It is therefore important for you to identify particular sounds with their causes so that you can understand the exigency and call Air Conditioning install services.

A Clicking Sound

Call Air conditioning Gladstone immediately if your AC machine is emitting a clicking sound. This may indicate any kind of malfunctioning in the working of the unit and an immediate servicing is required to prevent the problem from aggravating and spreading.

A Rattling Sound

Debris like leaves, grit or sticks that fly in the air can easily get stuck inside the outer condenser unit. Your AC is likely to make a rattling sound in such case as the particles will vibrate against each other as the machine starts working.  To prevent this, check and clean the outside surface of your AC on a regular basis.

A loose or worn out machine part can also emit a rattling noise. In case such noise persists, call AC installs company to inspect the machine. See Electric Motor

Miscellaneous Reasons

An AC unit can emit noises because of several other reasons. Lack of proper lubrication, loose screws, loose front panels, bent coil fins, damaged bearings, bent fan blades are some of the causes that can make your silent AC unit unexpectedly noisy. Some of these problems can be sorted out easily while others will require extensive servicing. Whatever be the reason, you must call AC installs company and get the machine inspected in case you hear any unexpected noise. If left unchecked, this may lead to more serious troubles that will entail hefty expense.