Common Types of House Pests you need to be Aware of

Every home owner has to ensure that their home is free of every day pests and insects. While regular pest control services are one way of ensuring so, you have to be aware and keep your eyes out for early signs of pest presence and infiltration all the time. Pest control Northern Beaches can help you to protect your home from every day pests and even prevent severe infiltrations.

As a home owner, you have to understand what more it takes though to keep a home pest free for long periods of time.


Cockroaches can be found anywhere and everywhere. Once they start entering your home and you notice them around the house, it is time to take action. Cockroaches can spread and create a nuisance just as quickly as other pests. Furthermore, when the problem becomes serious you will notice a misty smell in every room or cabinet that has had a cockroach attack.

The best way to protect your home from cockroaches is to keep anti-cockroach medicines in every cabinet and around the floors. Using naphthalene balls for instance can prevent odours in your storage cabinets and also prevent common pests from spoiling your belongings.

White Ants

White ants or termites can wreak your wood work and eat through your furniture and papers without you even realizing you have a problem. It is important to constantly check your wood and furniture surface and even clean out cabinets regularly to ensure that there is no infiltration. If you catch termites early on, you can prevent the woodwork from getting bad and even prevent their spread.