Content Placement For Bulk Flyers

Always maintain an active engaging tone in the content of your flyers. After the audience is interested in your headline they will quickly scan the first few lines of the content of your flyers. If they don’t find the content interesting enough they will be quick to discard your flyer.

Make sure that your content includes interesting stuff that the audience wants to know, i.e. the possible ways in which the product/ service benefits them. If you have a reward scheme, special discount, free gifts or promotional offer make sure that you highlight this content in bold.

Include enough product details

Since you are considering flyers you will do well to remember that there is a constraint on the number of words you can include. The language should be simple and crisp as the audience will quickly reject a flyer which is not to the point. All non essential details and flowery language should be avoided wherever possible. If your product or service is technical then the flyer should have the essential list of product features. You have to strike a balance between words and pictures in order to make your flyer look interesting.

Call for action

All the content in your flyer will have no value if you do not include a powerful call for action. This message actually pushes people into actively responding (purchasing) your product/ service. Convince your audience that they are actually taking the correct decision by being associated with your business. The tone you choose for the content is important. Ideally it should be kept light and engaging.

Video production is a good idea when doing a seminar for your employees.