Corporate Christmas Gifts

Once you have struck a deal with the gift shops, give them the names and addresses of your clients. Ensure all the details are correct. This works if the order is in bulk, especially if you are mailing same kind of business promotional products to your clients. But if you are planning on sending different gifts to different people, then get the gifts delivered to your office and let your secretaries or assistants arrange the gifts according to the list.

Along with all the above things, choosing the right type of gifts is also important. Make sure they are appropriate and are not religious or suggestive. And don’t forget to engrave your organization’s name and motto (if any) on the promotional merchandise. These simple things increase your organization’s value in your customers’ eyes. On the contrary, gifts to your staff will ensure you have a healthy relationship. After all, it’s Christmas. It is the time to celebrate with laughter and wishes and hugs, and of course, beautiful presents.

The List

To begin with, get the previous year’s list to check to see who all the recipients of the gifts were. Then, make a new list of your important clients whom you think should receive the gifts for Christmas. Also, make a list of all the staff including the cleaners, part-timers and temporary workers. And finally, make a proper budget. Decide the amount to be spent on buying gifts.

If you sell home appliances, then you can gift the one home appliance which fits in your budget. It should be something small such as blender, kettle or slice toaster.

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