Demolition Services

Demolition hammers are specially designed hammers used to deliver hammer blows that will break the concrete. Demolition hammers have fewer parts unlike other hammers used in demolition work, and the longer piston stroke allows the demolition hammer to make up for its smaller size by delivering a more powerful stroke than say a rotary hammer can. It has 35% more power than a rotary hammer.

Rotary Hammers

Rotary hammers are also known as SDS-max or spline-drive hammers, depending on the kind of shank bits that the hammers use. A rotary hammer is used to deliver blows used for demolition but it can also be used to drill holes into the concrete slabs. The rotary hammers work in two modes – the rotary hammer mode in which drill bits and core bits can be drilled into the concrete, or a hammer only mode in which flat chisels and ground-rod drivers can be used as well to break concrete.

Pavement Breaker

Pavement breakers are also handheld equipments that can e thought of as an alternative to the chipping hammer. They are in fact a more heavy duty version of the chipping hammer. The main difference between the two is that the pavement breaker is more powerful and is generally operated perpendicular to the ground. It has a T shaped handle that offers a better grip to the demolition experts.

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