Designing Tips For Branded Pens

The overall appearance of the pen should aesthetically appeal. Make sure that the colour of the pen should not clash with the colour of the print. If you are in banking, finance, medical or any such profession which requires you to keep a sober image then opt for lettering in black ink or grayscale. On the other hand if you are in an arty profession like advertising or fashion designing then you can opt for loud and vibrant colours.

If you work in a law firm which has strategic plans of acquiring an upscale clientele then you might want to gift expensive chrome plated customised branded pens. Such pens are individually packed and gifted in boxes to chosen clients instead of being randomly mailed to people. A pen that has chrome plating is a classy act in itself and it won’t go well with loads of print on it. If fact too many words will detract from the aesthetic appeal of the pen. Simply keep the name of your business and the logo.

The advantage of using branded pens

It’s bad to use a pen that skips splutters or runs as they are bad for the company image. The customer will indirectly link the impression he has formed of your pen with your business offering. To avoid staining your image use a branded pen that offers a certain reassurance of quality. There are so many ways of customising the pen that you will surely find a style to your liking.