Different Ways To Decorate Your Home With Hosta Plant

Hosta is a perennial plant, which mostly grows in the north east countries. The leaves are either green in colour or may have blue or yellow shades. The leaves and flowers of this plant looks very attractive, and can be used for home decor. Let us discuss some features of this fantastic being. First and foremost, it is a bushy plant. Therefore, you can keep a small pot of this plant in any corner of the house. This makes the room look attractive and the plant purifies the air. You can use it as a decorating agent. The Hosta leaves have a greenish or bluish appearance. Some leaves may have yellow shade as well. Pluck few leaves and spread it on the surface of the dining table. You can keep glasses, fork or a spoon on it. It acts like a base which gives a very unique look.

As the green colour is very soothing to the eyes, this type of arrangement will be very appealing to your guests as well. The leaves of the Hosta plants can be used to embellish flower vases. Take a glass vase and fill it with water. Pluck one leaf, and place it inside the vase. Keep it on the centre table to give it a perfect look. Also, you can use both the leaves and flowers to make a nice bouquet. Also, you can use the leaves as the base in a vase, and use different flowers to make it look even more attractive. Use different leaf combinations, and make a nice leafy arrangement for one of the corners in your room. The leaves of this plant can also be used to make leaf castings. It is an art and it gives an altogether new look to your home. You can also paint these leaves and dry it for some time. This will make a perfect home decor.

There are few Hosta plants with different shades. Pluck few leaves and, carefully place each leaf inside a photo frame. Prepare 6-8 frames in this manner, and arrange them in different rooms. It is not just a unique idea but your guests will love it too. These leaves can be used as a wrapper as well. Cut the leaves vertically into 2 sections, and use each section to wrap a cylindrical glass vessel. The tips of these leaves are pointed and look great at the edge of the glass vessel. You can also wrap it across the glass in a horizontal manner.

Place some flowers inside the glass vase, and keep it on the centre of the dining table. Last but not the least, dedicate a lane in your garden to plant as many Hosta NZ as possible. It will give a beautiful surrounding to your garden. If you need the bushy plant to grow to a certain length, just trim it regularly and maintain the height of the plant. It will provide you ample oxygen and purify the air. Take a walk in your garden, early morning, to enjoy the greenery. You will feel pleasant amidst the bushes.