Dinner Party – Tissue Paper Arrangements

You can use colourful tissue papers to make flowers and place them in vases. The vases themselves need not be real ones. Cut up a tin in half and place the tissue paper flowers in them. Place these vases in all the corners of the hall. This simple arrangement could be a great start for decorating your party hall.


Now this is charming. Make lanterns out of colourful tissue papers and hang them over your dinner table. This certainly creates a wonderful mood at the table. They are fancy and interesting. Your guests, no doubt, will take a note of your creativity.

Table Numbers

If your party is big and if you are expecting too many people, you may want to give specific table numbers to each set of guests. Tissue paper comes in handy here, too. Make numbers out of tissue papers and place them on the table. This not only looks decorative, but also unlike numbers on pieces of paper, big numbers made of tissue papers make it easier for guests to find their tables quickly and easily.


If you are giving away presents at the end of your dinner party, use tissue paper to decorate your gift boxes. This is a great way to create a lasting impression on your guests.

So tissue paper supplies can be great for your dinner parties. You can also make piñatas for any fun events in your dinner parties.

Create your owns styles by using a tissue paper.

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