Discover Different Types Of Fly Screen Meshes

Just like other commercial and residential installations, fly screens come in different types, sizes, and shapes. These gadgets vary depending on the needs and tastes of different customers. For example, some people buy the installations to prevent insects while others invest in them to increase the general beauty of their houses.

If you are the owner of a new house, invest in the right type of fly screen mesh and avoid regretting later. Alternatively, replace the existing devices on your windows and doors with modern designs for additional benefits.

Fiberglass screens

These are perhaps the most common fly screen in many parts of the world. Customers like them especially because of their versatility in preventing harmful insects and troublesome birds from entering the house. At the same time, the material is not prone to creasing, denting and unraveling from the frames that hold the mesh tightly over your window. Most fiberglass screens come in gray and charcoal colors.

Aluminium wire screens

Since aluminium is a strong material that is resistant to rusting and sagging, the fly screens function optimally and are durable. Unless a burglar tries to gain entry forcefully, you may not have to replace aluminium mesh wire screens for a long time. Most color options include charcoal, bright, and black varieties. All these are excellent in reducing the glare from the sun.

Copper/bronze screens

A fly screen mesh made of a combination of these metals is ideal, as you will benefit from the advantages of both metals. While the material is free from corrosion, it is strong enough to keep even the most notorious insects away.

Specialty screens

Just as the name suggests, specialty screen are manufactured for special purposes other than the basic prevention of insects’ entry. For example, a UV mesh helps to keep away the harmful effects of hot sunshine such as corrosion of surface and wearing of interior furniture. On the other hand, invest in a pet screen to prevent pets such as cats and dogs from entering enclosures.

Retractable screens

With a fly screen mesh that retracts into a special housing, you enjoy great convenience. While they provide great protection from stinging insects such as mosquitoes, spiders, and wasps, you can remove them from view, revealing the great attractiveness on your windows.

Adjustable screens

Unlike a standard fly screen mesh, you can adjust the size of these screens to suit the size of your window. Usually, they come in a standard height but an adjustable width. This gives you a number of choices for different reasons and seasons.

Customized screens

While most companies manufacture standard sized fly screens, you can approach them and have a custom-made mesh manufactured for you. This is especially the case if your windows are imported or have an abnormal size.