Do It Yourself vs Hiring a Skilled Painter

It is going to be a world of difference if you plan on painting your home by yourself. A skilled painter is someone who has an ample training and skills acquired over the years so you can be absolutely certain that the result will be fabulous. You, on the other hand, may only read painting jobs for dummies or watch instructional videos on YouTube. At the end of the day, it is you who will be coming home to your newly painted house and it is your choice if you prefer to go home to a perfectly painted house or not. Below are the differences between hiring a skilled painter vs doing it on your own:

• The preparation for the actual painting job is not as easy as it seems to be. This requires your time and keen eyes to detect even the tiniest holes or cracks. In order to achieve a polished outcome, the surfaces have to be sanded and repaired. A skilled painter knows how to properly prep the surfaces and the right paint primer to be used. Ask yourself if you can do the tedious task of prepping the surfaces before the application of paints.

• Do you know which paint to buy? Aside from knowing the types of paints for a particular surface, you also need to learn which brand is proven to last longer. A skilled painter has all the experiences and he knows the brand that can be trusted to give superior quality. If you will do it on your own, you may end up buying new paints again because you are not happy with the results.

• Painting can has bad effects on your health. A skilled painter knows how to handle the paints with proper care so as to avoid skin irritations. The guy also has all the necessary safety gear that will prevent him from inhaling the fumes. Plus, if you have an old house, then chances are there are traces of lead on the surfaces which requires skills in order to eliminate this dangerous chemical. So ask yourself if you are willing to subject yourself to such health hazard.

• Quality is the end result of the job of a skilled painter. Now ask yourself if you have the knowledge to decide regarding the number of coatings to come up with quality work. Then ask yourself if you have the skills that will match the ability of a skilled painter to come up with a uniformed and polished paint application. If none, then better leave the job to a skilled painter.

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