Education, Training and Certification

Before you get your Certification of Registration from the OFT, you need to go through relevant courses and training. The real estate industry is complex and requires extensive knowledge of existing market trends. Good real estate courses equip you with all the fundament skills required to kick-start your career.

You can opt for formal training and aim for a diploma or degree from a reputable institute. Or else, you can go through an informal training like Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses or franchisee training. You can also choose between online and onsite courses as per your convenience.

As you Progress

Once you have completed your courses and received your Certification of Registration, you can start working as a trainee at a licensed real estate agency. Here you will learn the tricks of your trade under the guidance of expert and licensed agents. This stint will help you gain valuable experience that will bring in handsome dividends in the future. After completing the training, you can apply for your own license.

However, getting a license will require you to go through more extensive real estate courses. Real estate Licence will prepare you to manage our own agency and take your career to the next level. You must also be above eighteen years of age to apply for your own license.

Contacting an Agent

Melbourne mortgage broker can also help you in promoting the property optimally. They have their own websites and magazines where they display ads of those properties that are enlisted with them. They also have a databank of customers whom they can refer to you.