Essential Plumbing Tools

Sometimes, a plunging action is not enough for clearing blocked drains or toilets. In that case, a plumber may use a sink auger to break up the clog. Also known as a plumber’s snake, this is used primarily for clearing sink waste but can also be used in other cases. The sink auger has a cable that can be looped around the obstruction and the obstruction can then be removed by turning the crankshaft handle.

Set wrench for removing and replacing faucet valves

This faucet valve is used when one needs to remove or replace the valve seat of the faucet body. In old faucets, when the washer wears down it starts to grind between the seat of the washer valve and the valve seat of the faucet body causing leaks. The set wrench is the tool used to fix this problem.

Pipe Wrench – adjustable

Plumbers swear by this and it is the most often used tool in the plumber magic bag. A pipe wrench is used to fit around rounded objects and a knurled knob is present which allows the wrench to be tightened around a pipe or a round surface.

The serrated edges of the wrench provide extra pressure when the wrench is turned allowing for more turn radius. To prevent teeth marks appearing on the pipe though, be wary of using the wrench without a protective barrier like a duct tape on the pipe.

Unblock the drain by flushing away debris and particles. Hot water is the best for this.

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