The People You Need When a Granny Flat Project Comes To Mind

Granny flats, more commonly known as secondary or accessory suits, are basically extensions of an existing home with all the necessary features of a dwelling area such as a bathroom, kitchen and sleeping quarters. The granny flat is called as such due to how its use is originally designed for the use of family members who are well in their healthy yet elder years but it can definitely cater to other audiences as well such as giving a temporary home to vising friends or relatives. When home owners are interested in having their own granny flats, here are three professionals who can lend them a hand in getting what they need.


Architects are professionals in the field of designing structures and supervising the construction whether if it is a commercial, industrial or a residential building. Without a doubt, architects can handle the design and construction of the granny flats. Architects are often easy to find as they are often found working for building companies or manning their own building companies. With an architect, the construction of a granny flat will be quick, easy and hassle free.

Building Designer

Much like architects, building designers are also the right people clients can turn to when they are in need of granny flats. A building designer is a person who is responsible not just for the design of the granny flat but also for other specific areas of the said building such as its floor plan, the electrical design and its amount of load it can carry, and even the necessary functions that the current building will boast. Design builders can be easily found in construction or building companies as they provide their team members and their clients with their much needed designs for the projects they are involved in.

Planning consultant

A planning consultant is the first person a client will meet when he or she would pay a constructing company a visit to ask about granny flats or any other type of structure they would be interested in having built. Granny flats Perth WA is the catalyst in helping clients in not only getting their designs but also their dream buildings as the planning consultant is basically the representative of the construction company, making sure that their clients receive the right quotas, designs, building certificates and finally the construction itself in order to effectively finish the project and give customer satisfaction.