Guide in Designing an Annual Report

These days, annual reports are also being made available online. If you too would like a digital and printer version, make sure that both the versions supplement each other well. Select a font that looks equally appealing in both the formats. Text matter must be interspersed with eye-catching images wherever suitable. Digital printers Sydney offers services on different printing projects including annual reports.

Visuals always create a better impact and provide a necessary break from the monotony of reading long blocks of content. Correct visuals can greatly increase brand recall among customers who will read your annual report.

Graphs are also an important communication vehicle. They say a lot about the present situation of your company and predict the future without using pedantic figures. However, always keep in mind the all visuals must be integrated aesthetically into the text matter. They should not stick out as just filler material but add something more to your annual report.


The final section contains appendices and suitable references. This section will include any other supporting information that is not part of the main narrative or the financial information section. This can include list of all company directors and other important people, list of various branch offices or divisions with complete address and details of other affiliates or subsidiaries.

This section is also appropriate for providing information on general stock, date of next annual general meeting and any other related information for the stock holders. You can also add a glossary of terms related to your industry in this section.