Guidelines for First Time Forklift Drivers

When you are driving a industrial truck like forklift, one should bear in mind that the driver should have a proper training. This will ensure not only for the safety of the people around where it is use, but also for the driver as well.

Examine the forklift before use

Before operating a forklift, perform a routine check before you drive them. Check for faulty brakes, controls, steering, warning devices and tyres. If you find any problems, make sure to notify your superior so that the necessary repairs could be carried out.

Observe your surroundings

Pay attention and observe the work site rules and guidelines. Ignoring them can prove to be fatal and hazardous to the goods. Drive the industrial truck in its designated path and observe all signs regarding the maximum floor loadings and clearance heights.

While entering or exiting buildings, take note of the height, mast and the overhead guard of the forklift. Never operate on bridge plates unless mentioned, as they might not be able to support the weight and load of forklifts. Take care when operating near the edge of a ramp or dock, as the forklift might fall over the edge, incurring serious damage to the construction machinery, you and the load.

Maintain a safe speed

When operating a forklift for the first time, take note of the speed which is safe and steady. Make it a point to maintain the same speed the next time you drive. Do not get carried away by driving past the speed limit. Forklifts are prone to tipping, so take corners and turns slowly. The protection and safe delivery of the goods is completely up to you, so make sure you change directions slowly and gradually.

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