Guidelines Selecting the Correct Type of Shoes When Using a Treadmill

For those of you who love their daily treadmill sessions you must know how important wearing the right kind of shoes is when it comes taking care of your feet and ankles. Here are a few pointers to help you pick your perfect pair.

Cushioning and padding

Shoes that are meant to be used on the treadmills should be light and comfortable. Walking or jogging with a heavy hard shoe will lead to biomechanical injuries. Treadmill users put a lot of pressure on the heel of their foot so extra padding in the heel portion of the shoe is a must. Make sure that you try jogging for a minute with the shoe prior to purchase to determine whether it has the correct fit. The correct pair of shoes is the one which does not make your poor feet sore the next day.

Check the flexibility

Shoes which are meant for long stints on the treadmill have to be flexible otherwise the exercises can suffer from shin splints. A perfect pair of running shoes shouldn’t have a bend in the arch. Rather there should be a critical bend in the ball of the foot.

Twist around the shoe prior to your purchase to see if it’s flexible enough to twist. If it does, then it’s a good quality shoe which has a decent balance between support and flexibility. The best pair of sports shoe will be lightweight, flexible, cushioned, and comfortable will fit right in your budget.