Guidelines When Selecting a Pest Control Service

Pest infestation is something that we should immediately deal with. Once you know the extent of pest damage in your home, you can finalize your pest control objective.

Know your objective

For instance, if your objective is to prevent occurrence of pests, you can hire any local company to regularly put the required pest control medication around the house. If your objective is to cure the property of severe pest infestation, you may need to spend a little more money and hire a reliable pest control service to save the property from more damage. Before finalizing your objective it is advisable to get a complete study of your property done.

Quality of work

Choose pest control services based on the quality of work they provide. In this sense it helps to choose someone through references. Another way you can find a good agency that provides quality service is through an extensive online search. Once you get a list of companies online, read all their reviews and ratings before finalizing one. Hire the Pest Inspections in Southern Tablelands.

Listed below are some of the natural pest control that you can use:

Row Covers

Row covers consist of covers made from a transparent fabric. You may call professionals to wrap them around your garden plants. It is advisable to use lightweight varieties in summer and heavier ones in winter. It is crucial to use the covers when the plants are very young. When the plants attain maturity, you may remove the covers at intervals to promote pollination. Row covers are particularly useful for mobile pests like cabbage moths, flea beetles and aphids.

Insecticidal Soaps

Natural pest control experts use insecticidal soap sprays to control pests. These soaps contain unsaturated fatty acids that can dissolve the cuticle or skin of insects. Trained personnel spray the insecticide directly onto the insects. Insecticidal soap sprays are very effective against mites, aphids and whiteflies.


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