Health Benefits of Roller Skating

Exercising is the best gift you can give to your body for all that it does and undergoes for you. Make it an enjoyable activity so that you are motivated to exercise everyday.

Roller skating is one of a kind, fun-based sport enjoyed by all age groups alike. Its adventurous nature gives you a feeling of excitement. To be able to skate at a good pace is a great accomplishment by itself. Further, the health benefits of skating ensure you are on the right way to fitness.

The health benefits of roller skating are amazing. The essential difference between this sport and workout options (like cycling, jogging and treadmill) is that you are bound to enjoy and look forward to this activity.

Burn Calories and Tone Your Body in One Go

It has a profound impact on all your major body muscles including your heart and provides a thorough workout equivalent to any cardio workout. Roller skating is a far low impact workout when compared to cycling or jogging. This means that your bone joints are not subjected to vigorous wear and tear when you are happily skating along burning calories and losing weight.

Skating even at a moderate pace burns around 6 calories per minute. Once you include roller skating in your fitness regime, you can actually witness fat turning into muscle and getting a toned body will no longer be a distant dream.

It helps in toning your thighs, calves, shins and back muscles as well. Maintain a steady upright posture as a beginner, and once you get the hang of it, you can lean forward to reduce the impact of air resistance.

On the other hand, doing an upper body workout like push ups or  dumbbell press are just few activities that can help in building biceps.

Protein whey powders are effective way to loss weight when accompanied by exercises like  roller skating and other sports activities.