Healthy Tips to Improve Your Sleep

We sleep one third of our lifetime. This is necessary for our body to regenerate tissues and for the brain to “relax” after the whole tiring day. Listed here are some healthy tips that you can apply to improve the quality of your sleep.

Bedroom Environment

Bedroom should be used only for sleeping.  The television and computer should be kept away from bedroom. The furry pet of the family should not be entertained there.The lights should be turned down to a comfortable level. Too much light affects Melatonin level in the body.This affects the quality of sleep. Eye masks can aid the process of sleeping.  Above all one should go to bed only when one is genuinely tired.

Set your Internal Clock

Doctors advice people to have a fixed bedtime.  If possible short quick naps throughout the day should be avoided. A night-time clock-watcher can never sleep peacefully.

Sleeping Positions

The “mid-line” position is one of the best sleeping positions where the head and neck are kept straight. Placing a pillow in a suitable position eases discomfort.


Exercise releases cortisol. This stress hormone increases the alertness of a person. So exercises like using a treadmill should be done at least three to four hours before sleep.

Splash of Sound

The use of white noise creates an atmosphere of serenity. The pleasant sounds of surf or wind help the brain to de-focus.

Psychological Approaches

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is used to treat chronic insomnia. Relaxation techniques are used here. Paying attention to breathing helps a person to unwind easily.  Trained practitioners of this therapy ask patients to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

A clear conscience is the best remedy for sleeplessness. Meditation can make a person stable and peaceful. Sleeping should be a pleasurable experience.  Drug induced sleep can produce temporary relief. Natural remedies and change in lifestyle can ensure a healthy sleep.

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