How Does Creatine Give Athletes an Edge over their Competition

In the cut-throat world of competitive sports, anything that gives athletes an advantage over competitors is welcome. Naturally, performance-enhancing dietary supplements are a rage in the world of professional athletics and creatine powder is a top product in this category. In fact, creatine is one of the most preferred supplements that athletes take every workout programs so as to improve their overall performance on the field.

Creatine Supplements are for Everybody

Cretine dietary supplements are extremely popular with athletes of all age groups, including adolescents and children. This is not surprising as studies have indicated that regular supplementation with creatine can certainly increase the muscle mass and hence overall body mass through regular training and exercise. In fact, athletes who take creatine supplements regularly can train more intensely and for longer durations without becoming fatigued. Regular intake of creatine supplements improves your ability to do repeated rounds of high-intensity; short-burst activities during competitions, thereby giving you an edge over those who do not take such supplements.

Moreover, the additional energy provided by creatine makes you more agile and alert thereby reducing chances of injury. And when taken in the prescribed manner, creatine supplements are absolutely safe with no side-effects.

Typical Dosage for Creatine Supplements

Several brands of creatine dietary supplements are easily available in the market today. You can buy these either as over-the-counter products at your local grocery store or medicine shop. You can also order good quality creatine powder on the internet. However, you should always maintain a uniform dosage of 3gms to 5gms per day which is the ideal dosage preferred by most athletes.